1st Weekly Meeting: Beginning of a story

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by: Fellia Lathasa Aufa

The sun shone fully exactly at the top of my head, salty air, soothing voice of the sea as the waves kept rolling, seagull birds were flying from north to east underneath the deep blue ocean sky. The clouds were silky white, smooth, it moved slowly as the wind breezed. Everything was nice and right in its place. They let me deep breathe the air. At this point, I really took my breath away— it wasn’t a sigh, something that I usually have. I wore a knee-length white gown with pretentious laces. I felt chaste as white as my gown, spotless. My mind was so rarified, clear as the turquoise water in front of me and straight as anything sturdy and immortal. It was nice to have my sanity back again. I could sit forever in the sand, it made my mind started to unwind and nothing matters unless every second I stayed in this place.

I started to pity myself by saying, “When the last time you feel so alive?” This question just got me close both of my eyes and smiled painfully. I started to feel my brain shaken, the gloom showed its presence. “What keeps you alive, Celeste Cotharm?” I didn’t know where the sounds came from but it seemed real. However, this one made me start to drop tears. I think eternal sunshine was existed, maybe yes it is— but not for me.

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