Special Weekly Meeting: Fanfiction

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(based on Hopefully Sky MV - Jeong Eun Ji)

Written by Devi Yunitasari

Eun Ji gets lost in her train of thoughts as the projector screen displays the end of her childhood memory. The ambiance on her rooftop is quite dark all over again. Thankfully, the moonbeam and the city lights in the background can give a little lit around. The chilly night air eventually makes its presence known and snaps Eun Ji out of her reverie. She shivers and tightens her knitted long coat around her body. She looked at the projector screen which has completely shut. She gets up from her wooden chair and started to pack her projector, laptop, and projector screen. A smile curves on her lips as she realizes what a bizarre idea it was to watch a short recording of her childhood memory on the rooftop of her parents’ house. But she thinks that it is such a perfect closing after she has spent a whole day to do a trip down her memory lane around her hometown.

After she has done packing up her stuff, she puts her things on a round table at the corner of the rooftop and decides to just enjoy the company of the night while standing next to the rooftop rail. As her gaze is wandering around the view down her rooftop, a sudden appearance of an old man at the corner of the alley directing to her parents’ house catches her completely off guard.

Without a second thought, she runs down the stairs in a hurry, feeling totally elated and befuddled at the same time. She opens the gate briskly and runs until she stops at the same place where she used to wait for her special someone to come home after his long day at work. She can’t help but feel nostalgic as she finally stands again at the very same place in front of him. He really never changes. Those brown eyes and the gentle smile never fail to radiate warmth and affection that make her feel instantly calm. There are so many things that she wants to say, yet her lips just shut tightly, completely ignoring her brain’s command to say all those words that she’s been longing to say again.

“Eun Ji-ya. How have you been?”
The old man finally asks Eun Ji, breaking the silence around them. Eun Ji opens her mouth and closes it again, unable to form any coherent words.
“Kkomaya, do you still remember the thing that I used to say to you?”
He asks her again.
“Don’t be weak. Do not live carrying all of the sadness alone.
Eun Ji nods her head, her eyes suddenly glisten as it forms a layer of liquid on its surface. Those phrases really awaken poignant memories of her beautiful days with him.
“Appa, I’m okay and happy now. Thank you.”
She finally says and gives him a reassuring smile.
“I’m glad.”
He smiles back at her before his figure slowly disappears amid the silence of the night.

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