9th Weekly Meeting: Plot Twist

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Above The Ceiling

Written by Aninda Putri Gunawan

I opened my eyes and realized the clock had ticked countless times. I couldn’t recall what time it was, so I got up from my bed to fill myself with a cup of milk I brought yesterday after coming back to work. Not long after my throat gulped the sweet yet bitter milk, I heard a loud thud on the ceiling. I glanced my attention to the sound and frowned my forehead, mom’s sleeping inside her room and no one else was in this house except me and mom. Without any hesitations, I collected the last cell of my bravery to check what actually happened on the ceiling. I shifted slowly to go upstairs and I found nothing.

           “Maybe it’s only a cat.” Said me as I returned to the downstairs. Right after that, I could clearly hear a clanking sound coming from above my head. I stood as I couldn’t move my feet, my sweat was starting to run from my forehead and my mouth wasn’t able to scream as if it’s paralyzed. I was so close to breaking down as I heard a howling wind was coming from my back. When I was about to scream, my mom appeared in front of my scared eyes.

           “Adrina, what’s wrong?” asked my mom while caressing both of my cheeks. She asked me softly and pulled me into her embrace.

           “I think I heard a loud thud and clank on the ceiling. Do you also hear it, Mom?” asked me.

           “You’re just tired. I heard nothing because I was in the middle of doing something here. Let’s go back to your room, hm?”

           I nodded to her offer. I guess she was right, I had been working for a long time this week, I thought I need proper rest to relieve my energy. I loosened the hug and regained my consciousness to take steps downstairs. Before that, I was curious, didn’t my mom fall asleep in her room since the evening? Then… who was the woman who soothed me earlier? I stopped walking and looking behind,

The woman behind me smiled and said, “Have you realized it now?” as she held pieces of glass and the blood was running on her right wrist.

           Oh, I think I forgot something… my mom was dead two days ago. And she’s the woman who killed her.

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