6th Weekly Meeting: Character Development

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A New Leaf of Life

Written by Devi Yunitasari

Sienna has just finished packing her remaining stuff out of the last big brown cardboard. She then sits at the edge of her bed, her eyes gaze around the room, contemplating on how she wants to organize her new bedroom. She diverts her gaze back to the piles of her belongings and slumps her back in defeat after realizing that those won’t fit in the room at all.

“This won’t do,” Sienna whispers to herself and then gets up to see outside the window next to her bed. It’s no longer the view of the high buildings or the bustling streets. All she can see now is the yellowish rice field and the hardworking farmers who seem to be in a jolly mood as it is almost the harvest time.

“At least, this scenery is better than the previous one,” Sienna mutters as her thin lips curve into a little smile. She then decides to take a stroll outside her house, trying to get accustomed to her current page of life.


“Where are you going, Sienna?” Sienna’s Mom who is still busy packing out the things inside the house suddenly asks her, putting a halt to what she is currently doing.

“I just want to go outside and go for a walk, Mom,” Sienna replies, taking a glance at her Mom.

“Alright then. Take care!” Sienna’s mother beams at her and continues doing what she previously did.

“Okay, Mom.” Sienna smiles back at her and feels someway relieved that her mother seems to be in a better state now.


A sudden gust of gentle wind greets her as she takes her first step on the veranda of her house. She starts her little walk by crossing a wooden bridge at the top of a quite shallow ditch. So far, this little journey somehow can soothe a frantic little voice that slowly crawls from the shadowy part at the back of her mind. After a little while, she discovers a bamboo bench next to a lush big tree. She takes a seat on the bench, eyes fixes at anything but the surface of the pond in front of her. The tranquility of the current atmosphere somehow allows her to reflect on what has happened to her life in these past six months.


The unforeseen circumstance which stemmed from her family’s past was unveiled, leaving her appalled and utterly bewildered by the sudden revelation. Thousand of unanswered questions stay bottled up inside her mind. Why the person whom she looks up to the most had the tendency to and eventually do that. She tries to persuade the sinister part of her mind to just believe, accept it, and move on. Yet, she barely can just let it slide.

Even so, she knows better that she is not someone who keeps dwelling on something which didn’t favor her way. She was no quitter and will never be. She may have lost that precious shelter that she used to live in with the people that she cherishes the most. She may have to start everything back to square one. She only needs some time. Once she has finally come to her resolve, she will eventually understand and chase her inner pursuit again.

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